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eRe Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

CAUTION: ere is undergoing re-tooling and is not available at this time.

ere:Elein's Reporting Engine
ReRun:An example PHP Web application to maintain a report registry schema and to run dynamic reports.



ere is a perl based report engine. It takes an XML-like/HTML document which specifies the report query in SQL and the report format in HTML. Using this template it produces an HTML page consisting of reports.
  • Full featured HTML can generate well designed reports.
  • Arguments and Variables are substituted within the report at runtime.
  • Multiple queries as well as multiple breaks for each query can be run in the same report.
  • Parallel CSV (comma separated value) files can be generated for the report queries in order for people to upload the data into spreadsheets.
  • Database connectivity with PostgreSQL is implemented using Pg.


ReRun is an example application which runs ere reports dynamically from the web. It is based on a report registry database schema. The ReRun application enables updating the report registry and running the reports dynamically. It is meant only as a template for writing your own integrated report runner and as a way to maintain your report registry.

A. Elein Mustain