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General Tidbits

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General Bits is a column loosely based on the PostgreSQL mailing list pgsql-general.
To find out more about the pgsql-general list and PostgreSQL, see

This page contains informational items that expand on, illustrate or stand independently from articles in GeneralBits. Each author or group of authors is the owner of his or her work.

Advocacy Flyers
  General PostgreSQL Flyer (pdf) Varlena, LLC 
  PostgreSQL and the Open Source Maturity Model (pdf) Varlena, LLC 
  Introducing PostgreSQL 8.0 (pdf) from Simon Riggs Issue #104
  Questions and Answers, An Example using Table Inheritance
Data Definitions, Views, Example Queries.
Mustain,   Issue #110
  Primary Keys and Table Info Functions and Views Mustain,   Issue #103
  Creating Graphs with pl/R Robert Bernier,  Issue #66
  Handling Trees in SQL (code) and (data) Mustain,   Issue #65
  Level Numbering using Sequences (code) Mustain,   Issue #64
  Materialized Views in PostgreSQL Jonathan Gardner,  Issue #64
  Timestamped Rows Mustain,  Issue #59
  Triggers & Rules for Logging Updates Mustain,  Issue #38
  SETOF and ROWTYPE Example Code Mustain & Szabo,  Issue #26
  7.4 Annotated postgresql.conf (html) (OpenOffice)
8.0 Annotated postgresql.conf (html) (pdf)
Shridhar Daithankar
and Josh Berkus
Issue #33
  Performance Tuning Berkus & Daithankar Issue #33
  Jan Wieck's Slony Talk OSCON 2004
tar.gz   Slides   Scripts
  Slony Overview Mustain,  Issue #63
  Building Slony Mustain,  Issue #84
  Setting Up Slony Mustain,  Issue #85
  Slony Administration Mustain,  Issue #86
  Slony Failover and Recovery Mustain,  Issue #87
  Slony Schema Changes Mustain,  Issue #88
  Scripts from Slony Articles Mustain,  Various
  Setting up Slony Using perltools READ ME FIRST Mustain,  Issue #113
  Outline of eRServer Internals Sullivan,   Issue #49
  How to set up eRServer with Debian Ivailo T. Ivanov,   Issue #50
IV Foro Mundial October 2006 Maturin, Venezuela
  Introduction to PostgreSQL Mustain    
OSCON Talks: July 2006 at O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Portland, OR
  Time Travel Tables in PostgreSQL
Talk (pdf) Table Definitions (code), Testing (code)
Mustain,   Issue #122
OSCON Talks: July 2004 at O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Portland, OR
  Power PostgreSQL: Extending the Database with C
Tutorial (pdf) myfunc.tgz
Joe Conway,   Issue #81
  Build your Own MapQuest (PostGIS)
PostGIS (ppt) PostGIS (openoffice)
Paul Ramsey,   Issue #81
Tsearch2 (html)
George Essig,  Issue #81
  Flexible Data Acquisition and Analysis
Presentation (pdf) flex.sql
Joe Conway,   Issue #81
  How to Play Together Nicely:
Strategies for DBAs and Application Developers
Presentation html.tar.gz
Greg Sabino Mullane,   Issue #81
OSCON Talks: July 2003 at O'Reilly Open Source Conference, Portland, OR
  Running Aggregates using PostgreSQL and plpython.
Slides (html) Source Code (sql) Script (html)
Mustain,  Issue #34
  PostgreSQL - embedded Statistical Analysis with PL/R Joe Conway,   Issue #34
  Efficient SQL / Mastering SQL Greg Sabino Mullane,   Issue #34
  Backing an Internet Registry with PostgreSQL Andrew Sullivan,  Issue #34
  pgsession source Rao Kumar,  Issue #29

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